A global two wheeler brand improved visitor to lead conversions by 33%.

Global two wheeler brand improves conversions by 33%


Visitor to lead conversions.


Of all bike orders processed by Convert.


Interactive touch point from consideration to closure.


The Challenge

Royal Enfield wanted to create a virtual bike launch experience that:

1) Leads to test drives and customer acquisition.

2) Replicates a 1:1 customer to slaes person interaction digitally.


The Solution

ORI created a platform that emulates a 1:1 dialogue between a prospective customer and an effective salesperson.

The platform captured real time intelligence on customer preferences for optimising the customer journey and guiding the customer along the funnel towards the fastest route to check-out.

The Convert AI platform combined Brand Data and guidelines along with third-party data and customer conversations to deliver communications in real-time. This helped in effective brand positionng and helping customers with apt product information.

The virtual sales agents (bots) – were able to talk to customers across multiple languages and were deployed across multiple channels – Website, In-app, Social and Youtube. 

The Outcome



With intent driven conversations, the Comvert AI platform helped drive customers along the sales funnel in a single conversation via a single touch-point.
With the objective being Test drive Bookings, the platform delivered:


  • 33% visitor to lead conversion, compared to typical landing page conversions of 5.31%.
  • An average conversation and engagement time of 160 seconds. In an age where attention spans are less than 30 seconds.
  • 15% of all bike orders processed through Convert by ORI’s platform.
  • A 96.42% conversation accuracy.

With a seamless customer to dealership sync through virtual customer onboarding and shared intelligence with the dealerships, customers were able to quickly book a test drive and continue their online journey offline – improving overall customer experience across the funnel.

Royal Enfield


About Royal Enflield

Royal Enfield is an Indian multinational motorcycle manufacturing company headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India and amongst the oldest global bike manufacturers. 

Royal Enfield




Royal Enfield


Solutions Used

  • Convert Cold.
  • Convert Warm.
  • Convert Upsell.

Royal Enfield



  • Website Bot.
  • Mobile App Bot.
  • Youtube.
  • Social Media.

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