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Frequently asked questions

Q) Does the system and the bot support multi-lingual conversations?

Yes. Convert AI supports over 120+ languages and vernacular dialects. The systemt also supports multi-lingual conversations within the same conversation giving users the ability to have seamless multi-lingual conversations without having to restart the conversation.

Q) How many conversations can Convert's bots handle consecutively?

Convert AI and it’s bots have been deployed for some of the biggest enterprise organisations globally and can manage millions of conversations simaltaneously at scale.

Q) What happens if the bot fails to understand what my users want?

Convert AI is designed to handle 100% conversations using a plethora of intelligence built into it. ORI bots learn continuously and rapidly to avoid upsets. In the off-chance that the bot cannot respond to the customer, it hands over the chat to an agent to salvage the customer experience at that point. This hybrid approach has humans as a backup when require    d.

Q) How secure is your system?

Convert by ORI is built on military-grade guidelines with conformity to all security, regulatory and privacy norms. Convert AI by ORI can directly be deployed within highly regulated sectors like Telecom, BFSI, Defence etc. Our systems are GDPR and ISO certified. 

Q) Can Convert AI integrate with my systems?

Convert by ORI can integrate with any system through REST/SOAP APIs and comes pre-integrated with top CRMs, marketing automation platforms, payments systems, ticketing systems and more. 

Q) What is the time to deploy?

Typically 2-4 weeks.
ORI has built a tech that can enable bots with hyper-intelligence in a short span of time. Convert AI also comes pre-built with over 2000+ use cases across industries

Q) Do you support Whatsapp?

Yes, WhatsApp is supported on Convert by ORI – where we can enable WhatsApp Business API for your brand from Facebook on your behalf or you can also connect with your existing WhatsApp business number.

 Popular topics

It’s a lot easier and faster than you might think.
Convert by ORI is designed for high growth marketing teams that want to scale up quickly.
Our customer success teams have helped multiple global brands launch their bot in under 4 weeks, without their internal teams having to touch a single line of code.

When compared to any other channel, messages get over 90% open rates and 8X higher CTRs on average.
Our customers consistently see better performance and conversions on their conversational campaigns when compared to any other channel.
How? – Their customers get a personalised, immediate and immersive experience, via an always on channel that fast-tracks them along the funnel to checkout.
Conversational campaigns also help you beat ad-fatigue and convert more customers. It’s a win-win!

Your customers live online and on messaging apps.
Over 95% of urban consumers use messaging apps atleast once a day.

Google and Facebook strongly believe that messages and conversations are the future of sales and marketing.
Facebook is launching click to messenger ads and click to Whatsapp ads. Google is piloting multiple programs on Conversational Display ads and Conversational Search Ads.
Businesses and customers are exchanging 20 billion messages each month on Messenger already.
Whatsapp alone has over 2 billion active users and adoption across all messaging channels is growing super fast.
The potential to reach and engage users across messaging channels is immense.


If your bot has a problem, Convert AI has a problem.
We are extremely proud of every system and conversational agent we build and are always striving to develop. the best in class bots that deliver superior experiences.
Our dedicated project and customer success team is always there to pre-empt issues and fix them in the off chance that they arise.
Each customer gets their own Project Manager to help with best practices, test and constantly suggest improvements.
Our success ultimately depends on your succcess.


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